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Freight Services

freight services

The Freight Service is the pioneer Strategic Business Unit of NLC that provides customized logistics solutions to the customers in the ever fast growing market. The Organization specializes in safe transportation and speedy delivery of essential commodities to the length and breadth of the Country. Freight Service is known for introducing innovative concepts and technologies in logistics. Be it the induction of most modern prime movers, the concept of containerization or Fleet Management System with the help of the most modern Tracking System, NLC performed a crucial role in transformation of cargo sector into a challenging enterprise. Freight Service owns the Country’s largest fleet in dry and liquid cargo freight service has financial turnover of Rs. 3,554.00 in 2013 and has generated average annual revenue of Rs. 5.00 billion over the last 10 years. It has huge infrastructure of support facilities all over the Country including integral Base Workshops and Trans Freight Stations. NLC acts as a stabilizing force in the market to keep equilibrium in transportation rates, generates competition and keeps a check on unwarranted pressure on clients by undesired market forces. NLC’s operations are extended in transportation of crude oil, palm oil, wheat, fertilizer and other multiple segments of dry cargo.

Dry Cargo

Dry CargoFreight Service of NLC, over the years, has developed a highly sophisticated transportation and distribution mechanism especially designed to the needs of business community. It offers extensive warehousing and distribution services in the mainland Pakistan. A team of experienced supply chain professionals provide customized logistics solutions to the businessmen and traders. NLC has the requisite potential and experience to handle all kind of dry cargo and transport it safely and timely to any destination in the Country.

Liquid Cargo

liquid cargoFreight Service carries out massive Liquid Cargo operations. A lion’s share of domestic crude oil production is lifted by Freight Service from far flung oil fields to the refineries located at Karachi and Rawalpindi by employing its integral fleet of liquid cargo bowzers. Around 56% of the Country’s domestic crude oil production is being handled by NLC Freight Service which is a clear testament of the trust reposed by oil companies in NLC. The Freight Service also specializes in transportation of edible oil and is the most preferred choice of Pakistan’s Vanaspati Oil Manufacturers Association for transportation of oil from terminals at Ports to the production units all across the Country.

Water Services

Water Services

To overcome the scarcity of clean water in the mega city of Karachi, Freight Service undertakes water service through its specialized fleet of bowzers and provides the essential commodity to a sizable population of the port city.

Fleet Monitoring System

tracking vehicleNLC is Pakistan's only road transportation organization to install fully computerized vehicle's monitoring system. The system facilitates in the identification of the location of cargo being transported, and in forecasting its arrival at destination. The system is being extended to enable customers to trace their cargo when transported by NLC.


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